Willows Swim Club

Endless Summer !



Pool Hours

Weekdays, Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays   12 noon to 7 pm

Tuesday and Fridays  12 to 7:30

Saturday, Sundays  11 am to 7 pm

Holidays  11am to 7 pm


Follow the summer season/weather schedule, stay tuned for details!

*Special extended hours are at board members discretion and lifeguards schedule.

Please contact a WSC board member for any special events you would like to hold at the club!

Perspective members are urged to call or write and please leave your email and phone number so a Willows Board member can call you back personally

We have a limited amount of spots Call or Write Now!


609 -331-9627





Thanks, Willows Swim Club Board


The Willows Pool Website is currently under repair for the 2017 Swim Season!



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