Willows Swim Club

Opening Day Saturday May 27, 2017

Weekend Hours 11am to 6pm


Memorial Day Weekend!


Pool Hours

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11 am to 6 pm

Weekdays, until Lawrenceville schools lets out 3pm to 7pm

Weekdays, after school lets out 12 noon to 7 pm

Tuesday and Thursdays 12-7:30


*Special extended hours are at board members discretion and lifeguards schedule.

Please contact a WSC board member for any special events you would like to hold at the club!


If you want to become a member this year please email or call

We have a limited amount of spots Call or Write Now!


609 -331-9627





Call direct and leave a message, to include your email and call back number.

Thanks, Willows Swim Club Board


The Willows Pool Website is currently under repair for the 2017 Swim Season!